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These videos were made keeping the focus on MRCP PACES Exam format and every attempt is made to cover all relevant and core topics with particular emphasis on all communication Principles and Ethics.
We are very grateful to all those doctors appeared for PACES exam and attended the PACES4U courses in UK / Dubai / India and gave us their Exam feedbacks which were very helpful while making these videos.
Our special thanks to all the doctors and professional actors who made these videos possible with their fluent communication skills and vast experience in teaching and more importantly a strong desire and passion to help the doctors preparing for PACES exam.

Common Exam Cases of all 5 Stations - Quick Revision through powerpoint presentations

PACES Exam Skills

Cardiology part-1

Peripheral Neuropathy /// Proximal Myopathy /// Spastic Paraparesis /// Hemiplegia /// Motor Neurone Disease /// SCDSC (Vit B12 Deficiency) /// Charcot Marie Tooth/// Fredreich`s Ataxia /// Common Peroneal Nerve Palsy

Neurology – Lower Limbs

Station 5 - Ophthalmology

Examination Steps & Techniques

Cardiology – Part 2

Neurology – Upper limbs &Miscellaneous

Station 5 - Endocrinology

Presentation Skills


Neurology – Cranial Nerves

Station 5 - Rheumatology

History Scenarios


Station 5 Exam-Top Medical Presentations

Station 5-Skin

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Communication Videos

Exam Practice Cases- Part 1

Exam Practice Cases – Part 2